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The successful design and development of your tooling is one of the most significant factors that will determine the success of your project. XiangFa¡¯s 10 design specialists are proficient in DME,HASCO,DIN & JIS Standards and are good at designing:
MUD Molds
Complex Molds
Precision Molds
Thin Wall Molds
Multi-cavity Molds
Hot Runner Molds (Synventive, MoldMaster, Husky, Hasco, Incoe, YUDO, etc.)
Unscrewing Molds
We utilize mold simulation software to quickyly check the manufacturability of your plastic part design and Manufacturing process and perfect it, before the first piece of steel is cut. We can get rapid feedback on how modifications to wall thickness, gate locations, material or geometry can affect the filling pattern and pressure and temperature distributions in the part cavity. The analysis results and detailed design advice can be used to determine the optimum part thickness and gate locations as well as to identify and eliminate cosmetic issues such as weld lines, air-traps and sink marks. We can accept most data file transfer formats:

dwg (AutoCad)
.IGS .DXF (AutoCad)

1.IGES, DXF, STEP,PARASOLID and IDEAS translation packages
4.SDRC Artisan
5.Intergraph EMS
6.Solid Modeler Solid works

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